Martyn Johnson

Tuffnel Park London All Dayer - A very special day

Just landed back in Stockport after a two hour train drive and reflections on what must be the best all dayer I have been to in nigh on 30 years. 

A soul event has to be able to lift my spirit to a very special place, a place where I can feel at one with the music, at one with the people, at one with the dancefloor, at one with my camera and at one with myself.

And yesterday was one of those rare events where everything came together. Upstairs the floor was heaving from the moment we arrived until the moment we left and downstairs was a rare room to die for.

I cannot remember a time where I would go from one room to another always in the knowledge we would be in for a treat in the room we were heading to and at the same time knowing we would be missing something special in the one we were leaving.

As always it's the people who make these events and those of us who made the journey south were extended a warm welcome. Big hats off to Jackie Kowalewski, Stuart Morriss, and Lee Arnold for taking this one in after Nuneaton. Thanks to Chris Keoni Harvey for a warm welcome and the constant reminder we were on his manor and for new friends met in Gill Soper and Jo Cook and my brothers in arms over at Scooters Galore.

But most of all a special mention to Steve Price and Maria Price for keeping us company and for the best set of the day for me. If thats how you guy's take your dose of soul in the Isle of Wight you had better know we're gonna be paying you a visit some time.

So how's the scores on the doors? Well I very very rarely will give a 10 out of 10 as there is no such thing as a perfect event but you know what? I reckon London fully deserve top marks so 10 out of 10 it is. :-)



Steve Davies


”best event ive been to

since my days at wigan


a few of us were saying that the downstairs was a lot like being back in M's


and thats really saying something


even got used to the super slippery upstairs dancefloor after a while


id have to retire my dancing shoes and get trainers if it was like that all the time


noticed a few people had some spray i am guessing to take the edge off it-- what was that


danced right through Evisons set that hour seemed to just flash by


looking forward to the next one already.


great to see so many old friends too.”


ady croasdell, on 21 February 2012 - 05:16 AM, said:

A corking event, well done Ann. It shows that if you can come up with the right formula you can get a winner. London has a lot of soul fans and it's an easy place to travel to; everyone's been at some time of their life.Both rooms worked and I enjoyed a pint or five to dance to some nice oldies I'd not heard out for a while. I managed to dance through Carol & Gerri 'Heartaches' thinking, I love this, what is it? I had to ask Matt in the end; I've owned it and DJed with it for 30 years.


Ady - many thanks for your comments - this is very special to me coming from the top man in London... Best Wishes, Ann x